Aaron Akin

February 18, 2009

SSIS 2005 Connections from SSMS 2008

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After I first installed SQL 2008, I tried to connect to SSIS 2005, and to my surprise, received the error, “Connect to SSIS Service on machine xxx failed: Class not registered.”  Thanks for the descriptive error message, Microsoft.

Cannot Connect to Server

Apparently, you cannot connect to SSIS 2005 from within SSMS 2008.  I found a feedback ticket with Microsoft that confirms the issue, though I wasn’t completely clear if they are planning on fixing it or not.

So, for those of you who installed SSMS 2008, make sure you keep SSMS 2005 installed as well if you still have SSIS 2005 packages out there…even if it is a pain to have to switch back and forth.



February 2, 2009

Sorting SSIS Packages & Folders in SSMS

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It had always bothered me when I opened a SQL 2005 Integrated Services instance to find an SSIS package, only to see that the folders and packages were not in alphabetical order.

SSMS Object Explorer

It wasn’t long before this started to get irritate me.  I did some digging and found 2 system stored procedures (sp_dts_listfolders and sp_dts_listpackages) in the msdb database that SQL Server uses to display the packages and folders in menus.


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